Bystander policies and their importance in combating sexual harassment and bullying

Eliminating poor behaviour in the workplace is everybody’s responsibility, and the onus cannot simply fall to the victim of said behaviour, say two presidents of women lawyer associations. Cultural change is more likely to occur, and more rapidly, if employees were empowered and obligated to report conduct they consider to be unlawful, by way of … Read Full Story

Review of consent laws in relation to sexual assault offences

Preliminary Submissions to NSW Law Reform Commission – review of consent laws in relation to sexual assault offences We have carefully reviewed the decision of Lazarus v R [2017] NSWCCA 279 and make the following submissions in relation to potential reforms to consent laws in New South Wales. Please click here to read the full … Read Full Story

Holly Lam, President WLANSW – Awards Dinner opening address

‘I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do’. We are here tonight to celebrate those extraordinary Awards nominees who have, in the words of HAL, put themselves to the fullest possible use.  Each of the nominees have demonstrated hard work, … Read Full Story


What Is It And What Does It Mean For My Practice? In June 2016, the Law Council of Australia adopted the Equitable Briefing Policy[1]. Law firms, government, companies, individual barristers and floors of barristers can formally adopt the Policy. The Policy provides a straight forward and easy way in which to consciously consider briefing or … Read Full Story


Contract lawyers serve many purposes in the legal field, particularly in affording flexibility for a law firm that requires more lawyers in a particular field than they employ. Most often, contract lawyers are hired for a particular project or projects, after which the firm’s obligation to them ends. Though it would not be uncommon for … Read Full Story

Women and Wellness

Thank you for the opportunity to have presented to you at The Newcastle Club for WLANSW. As a mother and business owner it is certainly an interesting combination at times the experiences that life can serve us. We can being going along with our lives without too much fuss and bother and then left of field … Read Full Story

Dispelling the work life balance myth

In September this year I was asked to speak on the elusive topic of ‘work-life balance’ at the Women Lawyers Association Newcastle. As a Performance Coach with a strong background in wellbeing, I could have stood up and preached about how to achieve a balance between work and life. However, I would have felt pretty … Read Full Story


What Is It And What Does It Mean For My Practice? In June 2016, the Law Council of Australia adopted the Equitable Briefing Policy [1]. Law firms, government, companies, individual barristers and floors of barristers can formally adopt the Policy. The Policy provides a straight forward and easy way in which to consciously consider briefing or … Read Full Story

Career Intentions Pave the Way for Career and Diversity Initiatives

The Women Lawyers’ Association of NSW (WLANSW) Career Intentions Survey is the first study in Australia with the capacity to measure and address the effectiveness of initiatives targeting diversity, retention of talent, and leadership in the legal profession. 1 403 law graduates from all university law schools and the College of Law in NSW participated … Read Full Story

We talk to Fay Calderone of Matthews Fobigg Lawyers, winner of the “Highly Commended” Special Judging Panel’s Award in 2013

We talk to one of our past award winners about her career. Fay acts for employers in a wide range of industries and relishes the variety that comes from specialising in workplace law. She advises on matters ranging from compliance, performance management, discrimination, WHS, bullying and harassment to workplace change and risk management projects, with commerciality in mind. In … Read Full Story

Nominate an Outstanding Woman Lawyer for the 2015 NSW Women Lawyers Achievement Awards

Nominations for the 2015 NSW Women Lawyers Achievement Awards are presently open until 30 June 2015. The Awards were launched as an ongoing initiative of WLANSW in 2007, having been held twice previously in 1995 and in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of WLANSW in 2002. This year new categories of Outstanding Law Firm of … Read Full Story

A Different View of Success

I love to visit historic places and hear the stories of people who lived and died there over the centuries. Every time I do this, it strikes me what a huge role external circumstances can play in a career. You might be the best, most skilled, most experienced cardinal, stonemason, warrior or queen, but if … Read Full Story

How To Negotiate A Pay Rise

Salary Negotiations For many in the profession, annual performance review time can be the most daunting and stressful part of the employment calendar. Excluding promotions, it is the one chance you have in the year to present your case and secure a better than average salary increase. Performance reviews are exactly that – a review … Read Full Story

Australia propels supplier diversity to a new level

In most countries where policy and strategy on diversity and inclusion in the sphere of employment is common practice it has been accompanied for some time by the implementation of some form of supplier diversity. In the United States, the first Federal Government-sponsored program on supplier diversity began in 1969. Since then an increasing number … Read Full Story

Did you know that a pot plant helps your productivity?

Where we work and what it feels like has a measurable impact on our mood, job satisfaction – and ability to think well. A Scientific American Mind article ( some time ago told the story of Jonas Salk struggling with his work and so going to spend time in Assisi at a mediaeval monastery, where … Read Full Story

What if you had to wait 4 more years to retire?

How much do super fund fees affect retirement income? The short answer: A lot. Most investors could be losing 4 to 7 years of their retirement income to fees, according to our analysis. What would that mean to your retirement plans? Many individuals have their super in their employer’s default fund. And if you’re like … Read Full Story

Let’s have a conversation about success

It seems that all around me at the moment, people are rethinking their assumptions about success. Is it making a certain amount of money? Holding a certain level of seniority? Driving a certain type of car? Owning a home?  Or is it more about feeling well? Being content in your personal relationships? Or finding balance … Read Full Story

“Let it go” at Hive

Have you ever wondered why the song ‘Let it go’ from the Disney film Frozen resonates with many women? Is the idea of releasing our power appealing (even when there are serious consequences – as in the film)? Is it because some of the lyrics remind us of our own experiences? As lawyers, do we … Read Full Story

Have You Been Seduced By The IKEA Effect?

Do you tend to overvalue your own work? Or do you in fact think it is worse than it really is? These questions are examined in an excellent TED talk by Dan Ariely. It is full of great stats and stories about how we value our work, resulting from his very serious research using origami … Read Full Story

Talented female lawyers in Australia are leaving the profession – It’s the profession that needs to change

The legal profession in Australia, like its counterparts in other advanced jurisdictions, is facing a period of disruption and radical change.  Unlike many businesses and other professions the legal profession has been slow to respond to or even acknowledge the seismic shifts that have already taken place. Bruce MacEwen, a leading U.S. writer on the … Read Full Story

Department: Marketing Yourself. Budget: Unlimited

“Sell myself”. “Indulge in shameless self-promotion”. “Push for what I want”. “Be aggressive about going after what I want”. “Climb the corporate ladder”. These phrases are just a sample of many I hear from the mouths of my female lawyer clients. And most of them are usually preceded by the words “I’m just not the … Read Full Story

Sometimes, you need to reverse before you can move forward…

Do you have any “stale” challenges hanging around at your office? You know the kind, things like how can we ‘build stronger client relationships’ or ‘break down silos between practice groups’ or even just ‘how can we encourage people to attend meetings on time’. As a lawyer, you’ll be very used to solving complex legal … Read Full Story

Why technology only gets us halfway to flexible work

Recently a client called me to say that the emails she was sending had bounced back. We tried a couple of times but still nothing came through and I wondered out loud how I would get the documents. We laughed as she said that she might have to fax them. Digital technology is changing the … Read Full Story

It’s not how much you earn that matters

For most of us, our income is our measure of wealth. Each salary increase is another notch up in our feeling of wealth – and our confidence that we’re getting ahead. Income is important. It is what affords us our lifestyle essentials as well as access to the things we love – good food, good … Read Full Story

It’s NOT nice to meet you!

The room is filled with partners, prospects, and clients, and before you know it you are two metres in the door, someone yanks your name tag, proceeds to read it out and then ask ‘so what do you do?’….Is it any wonder then that just the word ‘networking’ evokes a host of negative connotations for … Read Full Story