WLANSW Submission to LCA Draft National Action Plan to Reduce Sexual Harassment

Women Lawyers Association of New South Wales (WLANSW) has had the opportunity to consider the Law Council’s draft National Action Plan to Reduce Sexual Harassment in the Australian Legal Profession (“draft NAP”) and is supportive of the Law Council’s approach.

We attach a submission which responds specifically to the two additional matters set out in the Memorandum accompanying the draft NAP as to:

  1. possibility of giving victims of sexual harassment in the legal profession a forum to speak about their experiences in a de-identified manner (see section 3G of Draft NAP). This is a suggestion from the Law Council’s Equal Opportunity Committee; and
  2. obligations of bystanders witnessing sexual harassment. One Constituent Body raised the additional matter of the role and possible impact of introducing ‘bystander provisions’ into the sexual harassment regulatory landscape (see section 3F of Draft NAP).

Any questions may be directed to Larissa Andelman, Immediate Past President of WLANSW (as of 25 November 2020) on andelman@153phillip.com.au or on 0408424687.

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