Women Lawyers’ Association congratulates the 12 women who have been appointed as senior counsel

The Women Lawyers’ Association of NSW (WLANSW) congratulates the 12 women barristers on the list of 26 appointments to silk. The appointment of these women to senior counsel marks a significant achievement in the advancement of women at the Bar and is by far the largest group of female barristers ever appointed silk on a single occasion:

Chrissa Tereasa LOUKAS

Elizabeth Anne CHEESEMAN

Kylie Therese NOMCHONG


Julia Lily Ann LONERGAN

Katherine Louise EASTMAN

Kelly Anne REES

Sarah Elizabeth PRITCHARD

Nicole Frances NOMAN

Natalie Jane ADAMS

Jennie Ann GIRDHAM

Jacqueline Sarah GLEESON

WLANSW looks forward to the contributions these women will make to the law and the status of women at the Bar.

The President of WLANSW and Legal Counsel at Westpac Banking Corporation Rebecca Barry remarks, ‘Whilst we are absolutely thrilled that these appointments increase the percentage of female silks from 6.7% to 9.4% we still have a while to go statistically to narrow the gap (particularly as women barristers are 19.7% of the profession).

Part of narrowing this gap will include approaching all of the societies and associations to work together with our membership, the Women Barristers Forum, the Law Society of NSW and the Bar Association to increase support for new female barristers when they embark on all of life’s rich tapestry from the birth and care of their children to aging and ill relatives. We are led to believe it is the last minute occurrences which make it hard to leave the Court mid Cross-Examination.

Although there is still much room for improvement in the statistics we are extremely pleased for all of the new appointees and their families, friends and colleagues who should be incredibly proud of their achievement. The Women Lawyers’ Association of NSW looks forward to celebrating these appointments in due course’.

For further information, please contact Kathryn McKenzie, Executive Officer on 0466 157 087 or at executive@womenlawyersnsw.org.au.

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