Newcastle Regional Chapter


Sub-Committee Members: Arielle Cirillo

Wollongong Regional Chapter

Jessica Koot

Sub-Committee Members:
Yasmin Georgievska – Vice Chair 
Clarissa Sempel – Secretary 
Annette Noble – Events Coordinator

Executive Committee members:
Alice Laurence,
Irfana Kamerasevic,
Trish Mundy,
Breeanna Burns,
Marie Russo,
Hayley Kelloway,
Kristy Mutch and
Skye Downing. 

The Wollongong Regional Chapter of the WLANSW was formed in October 2015. Wollongong is a region known for its collegiate and supportive legal profession. Our Wollongong Regional Chapter has close ties to the University of Wollongong and is driven and organised by a team of local women passionate about advancing and supporting women in the legal industry.

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