May 5 2020
Future Law ‘Transparency, technology and teaching: an eye for justice’
Hosted by HFW, Guest Speaker Professor Tania Sourdin.

Professor Tania Sourdin’s career has spanned the globe as a consultant and specialist expert in a range of complex programs across the justice sector. In this session, Professor Sourdin spoke to WLANSW members about technology and the practice of law and its impact upon the profession and delivery of justice. 

Professor Sourdin discussed how supportive, replacement and disruptive technology were impacting upon the profession, noting that with the rise of use in technology, there is an expectation by many that disputes should be dealt with in an online forum whilst still ensuring ethical standards and transparency are maintained. Key takeaways of predictors for the future were:

·        Supportive technology – In the next 5-10 years we can expect changes by most courts to allow for easier lodgement of claims and a shift towards managing disputes online, the end effect being easier access to justice.

·        Replacement technology – Expectations are to see significant growth in the next 5-10 years. For example, through Online Dispute resolution (including virtual assistants and bots), E-courts/E-Arbitrations and AI administrative government agency decision making.

·        Disruptive technology – These types of technologies are some distance away compared to the other two forms of technology. Whilst there are possible benefits, these may also lead to job loss/alternations, threats to privacy and loss of social interaction. This change may alter what a judge or arbitrator will look like and AI may replace some decision making.

Thank you Professor Sourdin for such an insightful and interesting presentation!

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