Membership Categories

Members of the Judiciary: Allows the judiciary to stay in touch with practising barristers, solicitors and academics; provides the judiciary with the opportunity to pass on some of their valuable experiences to more junior members of the profession.

Solicitors: A great way to network with colleagues from other firms, meet potential employees and/or employers, barristers, academics and the judiciary.
Ordinary: Sydney Metro/Regional

Barristers: Provides opportunities to mingle with other lawyers outside of court; to network with future instructing solicitors; to associate informally with the judiciary.

Academics: Provides the opportunity to stay in touch with and network with practising lawyers, members of the judiciary, and other academics.

Regional Lawyers: Reduced fees in recognition of the difficulties regional lawyers face in attending functions in Sydney; opportunity to keep in touch and updated; support to develop local meetings or events, or regional chapters.

Community Lawyers: Reduced fees to encourage community lawyers to become involved with the projects and events of WLANSW.

Corporate Membership: For organisations that support the objects of WLANSW. All staff  are entitled to attend all WLANSW events and activities at member rates. Each corporate organisation member has one vote in any election of WLANSW by their designated ‘Official Delegate’.

Choose your Corporate Level:

Level 1:
1- 25 Legally qualified employees (including male)

Level 2:
Up to 100 legally qualified employees (including male)

Level 3:
Over 100 legally qualified employees (including male)

Corporate Staff:
Legally qualified employees working for a company with either Level 1, 2 or 3 account above.

Choose your Corporate level below to join / renew.

Law Students: Subsidised fees; some complimentary and low cost events for networking, personal and career development; an opportunity to meet with possible future employers and colleagues.

Subsidised Membership for lawyers not in full-time employment: Subsidised fees for those on maternity leave, retired, or not in full-time employment for other reasons, to keep you in touch and up to date. An opportunity for retired members to impart their knowledge and experience to others.
Ordinary/Associate: Subsidised

Associate Membership for Men: Practising male lawyers, male law graduates, and male law students, who support the objects of WLANSW may become an Associate Member and are eligible for standard member benefits. Associate Members are recognised as members of AWL, but do not have the right to vote at meetings or elections of WLANSW, or to be elected as a member of any WLANSW committees.

It’s easy to join / renew online, just select the appropriate level above and pay online with your credit card. If you prefer to pay offline please see the PDF form here: Download PDF Membership Form.