The Diversity Sub-committee aims to address a wide variety of issues facing diverse women lawyers, with a particular focus on intersectionality issues.

Members are from a variety of backgrounds ranging from law students to senior lawyers and barristers and in 2020, the Sub-committee will continue to offer informal mentoring and networking opportunities.

One of its major projects will be a podcast series focusing on diverse female trailblazers. There will be two initial pilot interviews, followed by monthly episodes. Here, we hope to publish the stories of women in the law from a variety of backgrounds including but not limited to indigenous women, overseas qualified lawyers, older women, women with disability and women from LGBTQI+ backgrounds.

The Diversity Sub-committee has a history of collaborating with other organisations promoting diverse women for example Pink Elite and welcomes new opportunities to collaborate with other similar groups.

The Sub-committee also continues to monitor proposed law reform that may impact on diverse women for example changes to anti-discrimination legislation.