Since 1952 when we were formally established, the Women Lawyers’ Association of NSW has always worked hard to remain relevant to its diverse membership. The establishment of the Achievement Awards has been an integral part of this work, and are announced at the biennial .NSW Women Lawyers Achievement Awards since 2007. The 2011 Awards Presentation Dinner introduced a new addition to the program, which we hope will be a continued feature in coming years.

Life membership is membership conferred by the Executive Committee of the Women Lawyers’ Association of NSW on long standing members of the association.

The Committee introduced a system in 2011 for life memberships to be granted on an ongoing basis.

Life Members

The Hon. Cecily Backhouse QC
Mahrukh Batliwalla
The Hon. Margaret Beazley AO QC
Judith Benson
Judy Beswick
Jenny Blackman AO
Audrey Blunden
The Hon. Jennifer Boland AM
Margaret Brewster
Louise Byrne
Judith Cohen AO (Died 9 May 2012)
Janet Coombs
Margaret Crawley (Died 1 August 2017)
Emeritus Prof Rosalind Croucher AM
Judy Dean
Kate Eastman AM SC
The Hon. Elizabeth Evatt AC
The Hon. Mary Gaudron QC
Phillipa Gormly (Died 29 May 2021, aged 64)
Jean Hill (Died February 2006)
Bek Jelbart (Died 16 September 2021, aged 95)
The Hon. Justice Anna Katzmann
Ann Kirby (Died 29 January 2017)
Magistrate Daphne Kok, LCM
Helen Larcombe
Kerrie Leotta
Kaye Loder AM
Katie Malyon
The Hon.  Jane Mathews AO (Died 31 August 2019 aged 78)
The Hon. Ruth McColl AO
Jean Mullin (Died February 2010 aged 96)
Anne Needham (Died 21 May 2021)
Jane Needham SC
The Hon Mahla Pearlman AM (Died 2 December 2011)
Julia O’Brien
Joan O’Brien (Died 31 August 2017 aged 100)
Chris Ronalds AM SC
Zena Sachs (Died 31 July 2011 aged 97)
Joan Spruit (Died 18 December 2013 aged 90)
The Hon Margaret Renaud
Ann Thomson
Judge Robyn Tupman
Elizabeth Willis

Life Achievement Awards

Kate Eastman AM SC

Emeritus Professor Rosaland Croucher AM

The Honourable Chief Justice Susan Kiefel AC

The Honourable  Ruth McColl AO

The Hon Justice Margaret Beazley AO

The Honourable Elizabeth Evatt AC

The Honourable  Virginia Bell AC

The Honourable Jane Mathews AO

The Honourable Mary Gaudron QC