Women and Wellness

Thank you for the opportunity to have presented to you at The Newcastle Club for WLANSW.

As a mother and business owner it is certainly an interesting combination at times the experiences that life can serve us. We can being going along with our lives without too much fuss and bother and then left of field we may have two or three experiences that can cause us to pause and reflect or panic and want to flee. Fight or flight.

What do you generally do to handle these left of field experiences?

Personally speaking, I have been known to want to do a lot of sleeping under my doona! Or go to the other extreme and go for very long walks (I’m talking hours and hours of walking) However, I realized quite early in my life that I can’t sleep away my problems and that I simply don’t have that many hours in my day to keep on walking and walking away my worries or concerns. Sometimes we need to make a conscious effort to shift out of these spaces. At a very early age, I was introduced to some techniques that helped me study at school. I still use some of those techniques today and have since gone onto study these methods in depth. I made a conscious choice in my early twenties to use these everyday in my life, even in those times of fight or flight (sleep or walk) as I understood the value they provided to me.

These 3 tools are Yoga, Meditation and our Breath.

They are intrinsically connected but can be done as separate techniques to help bring equanimity, calmness and balance into your life.

In my talk I shared with you some simple yet highly effective breathing techniques. These can be used at work, waiting in line at the shopping centre or sitting in your car waiting to pick your children up from their next sporting or cultural activity.

If you’re interested in learning more, I will be teaching these techniques in depth in my next 4 week Beginners Meditation Course on October 11th, 2016 @ 7pm -8.15pm at Sensom Health and Wellbeing which is located @ 22a Morehead St, Lambton. If you would like further information, please look at the website for details www.sensom.com.au or you can call me on 0421 047 219.

May you all be well in body and mind.

Lee Clements